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wobbleguts -> City MPP points. (5/14/2021 3:40:37 PM)

This is probably a stupid question.

In previous games, when I selected an enemy/neutral city that I might be interested in invading, it would say 'Value X MPP'. If X was 5 or above I pounced like a strategically brilliant leopard and gobbled all their MPPs up for myself. But now, when I select a city - for eg, Los Angeles - it says 1 MPP (per strength point). It's the same format for all the cities I've looked at recently.

What does 'X MPP (per strength point)' actually mean? Strength of the occupying unit? Air defense of the the city or something else?

Illiniwek80 -> RE: City MPP points. (5/14/2021 3:42:51 PM)

Ha ha... I'm glad YOU asked this, because I dunno either.

EarlyDoors -> RE: City MPP points. (5/14/2021 7:02:49 PM)

Number of Mpps per resource strength point

So a major capital like The Hague
Might say 2 mpps per strength point
Which means when it is strength 8 it generates 16 mpps per turn

Cities are normally 1 mpp per strength point

Towns may be 0.25

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