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mroyer -> Mod Proposal - Finance - Is it possible (5/14/2021 2:27:43 AM)

A world bank that can lend and invest on strategem.

Regimes can deficit spend (by strategem) to finance things like research, infrastructure and, of course, war.
Of course, the debt must be repaid with interest.

Regimes can attract international investment (by strategem) to build in zones.

Is something like this possible with the new S&S editor.

(If I ever get time, I might try to dig in to figure it out myself, but for now I can't.)

-Mark R.

zgrssd -> RE: Mod Proposal - Finance - Is it possible (5/14/2021 11:30:48 AM)

The basic concept of a Bank or credit would be relatively easy:
- one time injection of cash
- a per-turn reduction of money each turn (as you pay it back)
- could do the mos work via Story Logic - report of the Status included
- as the AI does not use most Stratagems, we would not have to deal with AI compatibility

One important part to keep in mind is the income routine:
Expenses happen before income, so where would the substraction hit?
Do we want it to hit there?

I am unsure about:
- what to do if the payment defaults
- the part where this is a true world bank, as I do not think we can share data between Regimes right now

zgrssd -> RE: Mod Proposal - Finance - Is it possible (5/14/2021 2:36:01 PM)

The Stratagem Half is pretty easy:
- Org Type propably 1 (Economic)
- Target Type 0 (own Regime)
- Phase for Generating: 0 (Free Cards)
- Max howmany 1 and Never consumed 1

You define Effects to stratagems similar to Results from a Epsilon Format Decisions, but in "Stratagem Fx vs AI" (should be Fx vs everyone):
- Set logic would give credits. I think "REGIMEKEY.credits = REGIMEKEY.credits + 1000" might work, but better check with the Fate Card that already gives credits to find the proper way.
- Set Logic would also add to the Debt ($owedAmount$ = $owedAmount$ + 1000)

Story Logic could deal with:
- Interest on existign debt
- Increase of debt if you can not pay
- If you want to split it over multiple rows, use Instruction Group. I would advise it.
- You may want to leave the player some money for paying and acting - but that one you haveto calculate. Maybe something like 1 credit/100 population?

mroyer -> RE: Mod Proposal - Finance - Is it possible (5/15/2021 2:59:57 AM)

Thanks zgrssd, for looking into it!

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