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demyansk -> New turn based game? (5/13/2021 11:34:14 PM)

I noticed a new game coming out, turn based of Battle of Britain. I canít find it on the site? Hope itís better than check your six

Greybriar -> RE: New turn based game? (5/14/2021 12:12:20 AM)

Is this the game you are looking for: Scramble: Battle of Britain?

demyansk -> RE: New turn based game? (5/14/2021 9:43:45 AM)

Thanks Greybriar, I am interested in this one but was very disappointed with the Check your Six so hopefully this will be good.

UP844 -> RE: New turn based game? (5/14/2021 11:18:15 AM)

Thanks Greybriar! I am looking forward to this game. (and yes, I also was very disappointed with Check Your 6: I had great hopes, but the developers abandoned it just after the release [:@])

wodin -> RE: New turn based game? (5/15/2021 4:49:35 AM)

Wish this was WW1 though.

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