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firsteds -> Re-routing allied convoys bug? (5/10/2021 11:42:12 AM)

Team - I know you are busy but can you please look at a potential issue when re-routing allied convoys in 1940 (DE 103). The allied player may change the US to UK Lend Lease % (e.g. to max 30%) before DE 103 to maximise MPPs to the UK. However, after the DE fires the Lend Lease from US will revert back to the default (20%).

Two issues:

1. There is no warning about this so the Allied player may miss it for a few turns. Ouch.

2. Even if you are aware of this issue and change it back to 30% you seem to lose the extra 10% for at least one turn.

Yes... I am micro-managing. Sorry.

BillRunacre -> RE: Re-routing allied convoys bug? (5/10/2021 2:08:29 PM)

I see what you mean, and while a one turn reduction could be argued to be valid, e.g. due to the disruption caused by re-routing the convoy, there isn't currently any text to explain that the % might drop.

I've made a note of this, thanks for mentioning it. [:)]

EarlyDoors -> RE: Re-routing allied convoys bug? (5/10/2021 3:39:25 PM)

There is also a reset when the Murmansk railroad is cut and the convoy switches to Arkangelsk

And also, on Allied Player turn when USSR convoy first starts the message displays
Allied player sets %
End of Turn get 'UK starts convoys to USSR' message again...convoy % resets

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