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ppmd -> USMC Counters Mod (5/10/2021 1:45:56 AM)

This is a very simple mod. I made it for myself and like it in its present state, but am posting it in case anyone is interested. The units file is the stock counterset except that I put national flags on the HQ tiles and added a USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor symbol for the US Marine tile.

Everything is mixed and matched from the stock counters except the US Marine tile which is from PHalen's Packed WP NATO Counters Mod.

(I'm too much of a newb to be able to post links on the forum but here is the path to PHalen's mod on the Warplan forum: WarPlan >> MODS and Scenarios >> Packed WP NATOs_v3.1 Counter Mod)

ppmd -> RE: USMC Counters Mod (5/10/2021 1:48:08 AM)

The unitsalt file is the same as the units file, but with alternate color shading at the bottom of the tiles.

ppmd -> RE: USMC Counters Mod (5/10/2021 2:30:12 AM)

USMC counter outside of Los Angeles.


ppmd -> RE: USMC Counters Mod (5/10/2021 2:33:40 AM)

Counters in China.


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