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Alcibiades73 -> What modes for aircraft carriers? (5/9/2021 12:38:36 PM)

What do you guys set usually for "mode" and "CAP mode"?

Platoonist -> RE: What modes for aircraft carriers? (5/9/2021 1:34:26 PM)


ORIGINAL: Alcibiades73

What do you guys set usually for "mode" and "CAP mode"?

Well, bomber mode if you aiming to hit something. However, if you are expecting interceptors, then try to have either a nearby carrier on CAP or a fighter unit nearby, or your striking carrier's air element will take it on the nose. I don't think I've ever used the "mix" mode.

MrTomnus -> RE: What modes for aircraft carriers? (5/9/2021 1:40:38 PM)

I rarely use the 'mixed' mode. If you're fighting enemy ships without air cover then it doesn't matter so much.

I will default to fighter mode unless i'm actively striking something. Also, escort carriers are big help if you know you're going to end up in a carrier vs carrier engagement. Keeping them around as permanent fighter cover might save one of the CV's from going under in a fight.

DrZom -> RE: What modes for aircraft carriers? (5/9/2021 2:15:28 PM)

It depends on the task force I am operating. Generally, I have all my carriers on Fighter mode at all times, except in turns where I intend to attack. I try to scout first, so I know what I am likely to face. I prefer minimum of three carriers per task force. When attacking another carrier force, one of my carriers remains on Fighter mode while the other two are switched to Bomber mode and focus on a single enemy carrier until it is sunk. Then they all switch to "get the hell out of there" mode.

As already said, an Escort carrier nicely fills the role of CAP.

If a carrier is operating singly and it is unknown whether the target might have air cover, Mix mode makes sense for the first turn attacking. If subsequent attacks become necessary and you have learned there is no air cover over the target you can switch to Bomber safely and do more damage in your attacks. That is the only time I use Mix.

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