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lwarmonger -> How in the five hells do you repair rail lines? (5/8/2021 9:50:15 PM)

So the manual talks about repairing rail lines in the logistics section. It just doesn't say how to actually, mechanically, do it. To quote the manual:

"A rail network consists of a contiguous path of friendly
controlled undamaged rail line hexes connected to a
functioning national supply source, or to a port that is
considered connected to a national supply source, or a
combination of the two. Ports are considered to be on the
rail network even if there is no undamaged rail in their hex
as long as they are connected via non-enemy controlled
sea hexes to another port that is connected to a national
supply source.
As an example, a series of undamaged Axis rail hexes
can lead back to Riga which is, in turn, connected to a port
in Germany that is itself connected by rail to a functioning
national supply source, and all of these rail hexes are
considered to be on the rail network.
This shows part of the Axis rail net in the Ukraine in
the summer of 1941 (using the rail damage map mode). In
Depot priority is important in this regard, depots will
only send freight to another depot at a higher priority.
The various NSS are set to 0 so will send to any depot
at 1 or higher that needs supplies. A priority 4 depot
will not send on supply to another depot.
Gary Grigsby’s War in the east 2
effect the Germans have a single repaired line (the green
circles) so, for example, Vinnitsa is on the rail net.
A line of depots along this line will draw freight forward
and supply airbases and combat units as needed.
Units can draw supply from depots that contain freight,
although there are some limitations if the depot is isolated
from the rail network. Note that rail hexes that are adjacent
to enemy units are considered not to be functioning for
the purposes of determining the rail network. These hexes
may not be used for strategic rail movement but supply
will enter those hexes by rail if appropriate. .
In some limited map scenarios, rail hexes outside of the
limited area can provide supply trace. This may prevent
some units along the map edge from being isolated, and
will also allow OKH and other HQ units positioned outside
the play area to be considered in supply.
Rail usage due to freight movement is reduced during
the logistics phase, so if a given rail branch is heavily used
in one turn it might take a few turns for the impact to be

Now I've got a bunch of little units running around repairing all of Lithuania's and Latvia's and Bessarabia's rail lines. Every. Single. Hex. Meanwhile, my armored spearheads are immobilized and starving in Smolensk and Dnepropetrovsk because I can't figure out how to prioritize rail lines for repair. I can priority repair railheads, but without rail going to them they are useless (all my important railheads are now fixed.... waiting for trains to take away all the bodies of my soldiers who have starved to death). People on the forums have said "use FBD's to repair rail lines or boost supply." How? I've had my FBD sitting on broken rail lines for weeks now, and they have never gotten less broken. There isn't any option in the unit interface or map that I can see to fix rail lines or assign priority to them. Step by step, how does one do this?

fritzfarlig -> RE: How in the five hells do you repair rail lines? (5/8/2021 10:11:52 PM)

Maybe this help you, on your road


lwarmonger -> RE: How in the five hells do you repair rail lines? (5/8/2021 10:54:09 PM)

Thank you! That is super buried (I'd been through the logistics section and the logistics quickhelp guide... nothing... for everyone's reference this is in the Ground Intro quick help guide)

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