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Nikel -> Anyone contacted Jison? (5/8/2021 4:11:15 PM)

Just wondering whether anybody has contacted Jison, talented modder of Panzer Campaigns and who also created a mod for WitE-1 map and counters. Is he working on a new mod for WitE-2?

He has been absent of this forum for years now.

Bamilus -> RE: Anyone contacted Jison? (5/10/2021 10:20:18 PM)

No idea but the way youd make a map for WITE2 is entirely different (its algorithmic hex based versus image based, so they can easily change hex terrain).

Nikel -> RE: Anyone contacted Jison? (5/13/2021 4:01:49 PM)

Yes, I guess it is easier, though modding is a badly remunerated job.

Just asked because did not want to bother him with more requests.

I just did it. Fingers crossed!

loki100 -> RE: Anyone contacted Jison? (5/13/2021 5:41:14 PM)

he was invited to help with the map and didn't want to (not sure if it was lack of time or lack of interest)

Nikel -> RE: Anyone contacted Jison? (5/13/2021 5:42:17 PM)

OK. Too late, already sent him the mail. [X(]

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