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Michielson -> Mission 4: Twin Valleys (5/8/2021 11:25:11 AM)

1987. We're in the Fulda Gap. We have to hold three objectives (Bridges to the West, Hill in the South and Church in the East. We expect the enemy to advance from Metzlos-Gehaag (NE).
Friendly forces include some recon squads, two AT teams, two mechanized infantry platoons, one armored platoon and two mortar squads. Indirect fire support consists of 4 guns.

Time (min:sec)

- 00:22: We set our TRP's south of Metzlos-Gehaag and south of Bannerod. Our recce squads will be able to spot enemy movement and our artillery will catch the enemy while being in the open. Mechanized infantry squads will open direct fire while the enemy crosses these valleys. One infantry platoon and two AT teams form a defensive perimeter at the Church objective. Second Mechanized platoon covers the edges of the woods near Bannerod. Third platoon secures the woods north of the Church objective.
- 12:32: We've got a strong defensive line. Enemy spearhead troops are receiving heavy fire from our positions in the woods, supported by DPICM artillery.
- 18:31: The enemy advance seems to be concentrated along the Southern valley. All is relatively quiet at Bannerod.
- 22:34: We destroyed two enemy BTR APC's and lost one M60A3.
- 31:08: We lost all our tanks, but managed to destroy 4 enemy infantry squads and 20 enemy APC's south of Metzlos.
- 32:33: The enemy advances towards the Church objective. Our positions are weakened. Only a couple of infantry squads remain (with AT capability).
- 38:01: At least 4 enemy infantry squads and 8 vehicles close in on the Church objective. We order all available artillery NE of this objective. At the same moment enemy APC's are closing in on Bannerod in the NW.
- 51:14: Our mechanized forces have destoyed 6 enemy vehicles and 5 infantry squads at Bannerod, but are overrun near the edges of the woods by a combined enemy force of infantry and armor, supported by heavy artillery fire.
- 59:43: The enemy has taken the Church and Bridges objectives. Our forces withdraw towards the Hill objective to form a final defensive stand.
- 1:01:26: The battle is over.

The battle ends in a draw.
We've lost 100 infantry + 9 routed. All of our vehicles were destroyed (14). We've also lost 1 mortar squad.
The enemy lost 234 infantry + 23 routed. 49 enemy vehicles were destroyed + 1 mortar team.

I like this scenario, but despite the artillery support the overwhelming enemy armored assets provide a tough nut to crack...

I still get error messages trying to embed some screenshots...


nikolas93TS -> RE: Mission 4: Twin Valleys (5/8/2021 12:27:13 PM)

Yeah, Matrix forum requires IIRC 10 posts before you are allowed to post links and pictures.

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