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Zovs -> Finally Learning Desert War (5/7/2021 2:42:43 AM)

I have had Desert War for a number of years and am just now starting to read through and learn the game from the tutorial.

What inspired me?

Well I just recently purchased Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm & Germany Reforged which is also a WEGO game system like Desert War.

I have enjoyed Flashpoint so much that I decided to take another look at Desert War again.

So I started with the tutorial and not only does it make sense now, but I am having a blast learning the DW system.

Brilliant tutorial so far and man the UI is so very helpful!

thanks bcgames and all who created this game!

Saint Ruth -> RE: Finally Learning Desert War (5/10/2021 4:41:29 PM)

That's great!
Thanks for the feedback! [8D]

Zovs -> RE: Finally Learning Desert War (5/12/2021 12:35:57 PM)

So going as slow as a box of rock, but having a lot of fun.

I am on page 28 of the tutorial, the section where he is explaining how to use air assets.

Currently I a slightly stuck.

The tutorial says:

Notice that the “B” indicates that by default, this unit will be given some kind of bombing mission.

Click on the unit badge(on the left, with the green and yellow bars) again, and this changes the mission from a bombing mission, to a “Counter Air” mission. Again, more explanation later.

Clicking the unit badge one more time changes the mission to an “Interdiction” mission.

I have clicked on the unit badge and in fact on the entire icon and all the values but can't seem to change the mission.

It does not matter at the moment too much here, since I am going to use both bombers to attack hexes I think needing attention.

So my question is how to you change an air units mission? Is it fixed or automatic?

Zovs -> RE: Finally Learning Desert War (5/12/2021 12:37:12 PM)

Interesting, I just noticed that after I selected the hexes to attack the image shows "Ground Support" so it must be automatic.

Zovs -> RE: Finally Learning Desert War (5/12/2021 1:16:21 PM)

Very cool I just completed one full turn!

Very fun. Looking forward to more learning and playing. Love it.

Talon_XBMCX -> RE: Finally Learning Desert War (5/13/2021 12:42:26 AM)

If you haven't read the quick start, I would. I was struggling with the tutorial (because that's where I always start) and if I had read the Quick start first, it would have made the tutorial much easier. YMMV ... enjoy either way!

superhans -> RE: Finally Learning Desert War (7/6/2021 11:22:27 AM)

It has a lot more depth to it than people credit. Great to play in PBEM too.

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