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MemoryLeak -> AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 6:43:06 PM)

Something that seems odd, slightly I guess, are the combat values when deciding which type of air group to build that would be best against naval ships.


Type of air group --Ground Attack:
Advancement 1942
Tactical = 5
Naval Air Training = 4
Defense =4
Range = 8

Type of Air Group --Tactical Grp
Advancement 1942
Tactical = 5
Naval Air Training = 3
Defense = 7
RANGE = 10

I didn't list all of the attributes.

I was surprised that A ground attack air group has a higher attack value than a Tactical air group when going against Naval targets. The description for Tactical Air Grp is bomber. Seems like this type would be apt to do more damage to a ship than a ground attack air group.

I have enough production points to start building one and I don't want to waste the points. At this point in the game I think naval targets have a higher priority than land units.

Does anyone know if defense is more important than offense at this stage of the war? Mid 1942

AlvaroSousa -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 6:46:06 PM)

What are the techs?

MemoryLeak -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 6:51:19 PM)

If you mean which category under the Headline of Advancement, I used naval air training for both groups.

stjeand -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 6:56:32 PM)

Al he is just looking at the units to build.

Ground attack is dive bombers...
Tactical air is level bombers...

That should explain it better...Diver bombers are better at attacking ships...

MemoryLeak -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:02:58 PM)

Okay, Dan, that explains it I guess. I always associated tactical bombers in the dive bombing class. Like Stukas in other games. But that okay as long as I know which one to buy. Thanks.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:02:59 PM)

Are you sure you are looking at the right units?

I am in the game now 1942 scenario, adjusting for the 1942 naval air tech in the production screen
GS Grp - Tac=8
TAC Grp - TAC=6

The rest are the same as yours.

MemoryLeak -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:04:59 PM)

Al, I am sorry to be taking up your time on this. I am playing the full campaign that starts 1941. SO Dan says it is a matter of semantics. If ground support are dive bombers then that is what I will buy for naval attacks. Thanks you.

I thought I had included enough info, sorry.

stjeand -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:18:44 PM)

Keep in mind your stats change based on experience and effectiveness if you are looking at already built units.

stjeand -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:19:29 PM)

Apparently Al does not have a day job...

OH wait...this is it...LUCKY DUCK

MemoryLeak -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:40:47 PM)

It is kind of a moot point but I will try and post the two examples. I will have to use two different posts to do it, unfortunately. I really don't want to bother Al anymore with this.


MemoryLeak -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:42:42 PM)

here is the comparison shot. ANd I think I said 42 but it is 41 .


stjeand -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 7:49:56 PM)


The Ground attack / Dive bombers have better tactical and naval but less defense, air, strategic and range

SO if you are building naval attack you will have better luck doing damage with the Ground Attack Grp but you will have less keep that in mind where you base them.

MemoryLeak -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 8:12:52 PM)

Dan, I would be interested in a PBEM starting later today if you are. I'd better take Allies first time. If you are interested. And if you have any house rules let me know. I can't think of any and I won't be intentionally doing anything gamey. If I am going to play this then a big part of it is the immersion factor for me. This should help me learn the game. Sink or swim. I have to do some work around the house but I can start in about two hours. I guess that would be 430 you time. And I tried to log in with my old Matrixgames logins and I got into multiplayer last night.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/6/2021 10:01:49 PM)

GS air is supposed to be better vs land and naval than tactical level bombers.

Redmarkus5 -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/9/2021 9:45:49 AM)

Instead of listing them by role, maybe it would be better to list them by type (DB, LB, HB, F, FB, R etc). The player can decide which role to assign.

LeLiquid -> RE: AIR --Close Support vs Tactical (5/9/2021 12:11:20 PM)

I think it's fine that way. It works fine, and it's pretty simple to get : Range vs Efficiency. I think complexifying the game is the worst thing to do. Balance, clarification, sure. But complexifying, no.

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