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elxaime -> Battle of Jersey (5/6/2021 2:04:43 PM)

France and UK have each sent two patrol boats. The UK are described as "Batch 2" somethings and the French simply as "maritime patrol boats." Meanwhile French fishermen declare they are "ready to restage the battle of Trafalgar" which is not something, were I French, that I would use as my historical reference.

Nonetheless, the British seem blockaded in their port. Hope this doesn't spiral out of control.

cdnice -> RE: Battle of Jersey (5/6/2021 7:46:20 PM)

Seems appropriate The French Taunting

Gunner98 -> RE: Battle of Jersey (5/6/2021 7:58:59 PM)

But of course there is an English response

Coiler12 -> RE: Battle of Jersey (5/7/2021 4:54:29 PM)

It's the Cod Wars all over again.

kevinkins -> RE: Battle of Jersey (5/7/2021 10:22:27 PM)

From a geopolitical caloric POV, which is more worth fighting for: beef, pork, chicken, fish (cod), shellfish, grain/rice or ice crème? They say if there were no chocolate, 50% of the world would go bonkers. The same is said about coffee.

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