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stormbringer3 -> Instant game over. (5/6/2021 1:56:52 AM)

In the game I'm currently playing and just before this game in WiE, the Axis AI had an Italian unit move into Paris after the defenders were killed to capture it. I immediately quit the game. IMO the AI, if possible, should be coded so that ony a German unit can capture Paris.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Instant game over. (5/6/2021 8:43:29 PM)

Hi Stormbringer3,

This one comes up from time to time and currently there is no solution to this without a game engine change. It is usually rare and probably why it remains at the bottom of our priority list, unfortunately.


stormbringer3 -> RE: Instant game over. (5/6/2021 9:43:40 PM)

Thank you for the prompt reply.

wobbleguts -> RE: Instant game over. (5/7/2021 12:03:08 PM)

It's an annoying gotcha which got me twice! The first time (like you) the Italians stole Paris and like you I restarted the game.

Obviously you need to keep an eye out and withdraw unwanted allies when you are about to take a capitol. In my current game I slipped up big-time and the Italians now control Belgium, even though they had nothing to do with the conquest. A disappointing result.

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