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PvtBenjamin -> Gibraltar - Spain (5/5/2021 11:53:38 AM)

In my current game my opponent took Algeria then Gibraltar. Spain was 59% leaning towards Axis before Gibraltar captured. After Gibraltar was captured Spain joined Axis. Scripts say Spain swings 6-12% if Gibraltar is lost. What am I missing?

BillRunacre -> RE: Gibraltar - Spain (5/5/2021 8:57:11 PM)

Can I ask which campaign you are playing?

I ask as I can't see such a script within the Mobilization_2 file for 1939 Storm over Europe.

Though if the Axis have just taken Algeria then I wonder if DE 603 may have fired and that is how Spain has been brought into the war?

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Gibraltar - Spain (5/5/2021 9:09:22 PM)

'39 Scenario

Quite sure it wasn't 603.. threshold now 60% correct?

Gibraltar fell probably 8-10 turns after Algeria.

I received a message that I had abandoned Gibraltar which I hadn't, it was captured by my opponent.

Spain diplomacy was still 59% and the next turn Spain joined the Axis

There was then a coupe attempt which failed in Spain.


BillRunacre -> RE: Gibraltar - Spain (5/6/2021 9:39:36 AM)

Thanks for the further information, it all makes sense now.

If at the end of a turn there is no Allied land or air unit in hex 136,114 then Spain will move 8-12% towards the Axis. So thinking about it, the fall of Gibraltar would trigger the same script to fire.

The trigger is 60% for DE 603, so the loss of Gibraltar will have enabled that to fire, and the coup attempt by General Aranda only happens if the Axis say yes to DE 603, so that will be how Spain was brought into the war.

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Gibraltar - Spain (5/6/2021 10:14:53 AM)


I thought 603 only fired when Algeria surrendered not anytime after captured.

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