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andreapoldi -> Map dimension on screen (5/5/2021 11:46:50 AM)

Hello everybody,
i just started using Tigers on the Hunt on a windows 8 pc.
While playing, I only see a small portion of the game and continually have to scroll to find my units. Is it possible to use a zoom to decide the size of the hexagons or simply change the portion of the map visible according to my needs? I thank from now who will help me. Bye. [:)]

Peter Fisla -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/5/2021 1:39:52 PM)

Hi andreapoldi,

There is no zoom capability for the game map; I'm kind of surprised that you are using windows 8 to run the game, Windows 8 is out of service. If you run the game say at 4K resolution there isn't much you need to scroll.

andreapoldi -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/5/2021 2:49:11 PM)

I ask, does the game support 4k resolution and where can this be set?

Peter Fisla -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/5/2021 4:29:05 PM)

First, you need to make sure you have Service Pack 5 installed, then you install beta patch 1.1.21 found here; The game will then support 4K resolution.

andreapoldi -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/5/2021 5:23:01 PM)

dear Peter, thank you for your kindness. Could you tell me more about Service Pack 5? the link for the beta patch is no longer working, can I find it somewhere else?

Peter Fisla -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/5/2021 5:27:25 PM)

Hi andreapoldi,

Sorry, the link is still here: The Service Pack 5, you get through matrix games link from the game menu.

andreapoldi -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/6/2021 9:24:54 PM)

well, i found the file with your version. I tried to change the resolution in the configuration.ini file but nothing changes ...

Peter Fisla -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/6/2021 10:43:06 PM)

Did you install Service Pack 5 first?

Also make sure this is set in the configuration file: Windowed=No, also in terms of 4K only: 3840 x 2160 resolution is supported.

I hope this helps.

andreapoldi -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/7/2021 1:22:46 PM)

Really I canít find service pack 5 , Iím sorry[8|]

Peter Fisla -> RE: Map dimension on screen (5/7/2021 2:16:42 PM)

Hi andreapoldi,

Well, inside the game directory there should be an update app or something like that. As the game developer I always have the latest version on my computer so I don't do the game updates the same way as customers or fans do. However, I'm pretty sure you also get an application from matrix games , when you install the game; that will let you update the game. Maybe some other clients/fans/customers that own the game can be more specific and provide you with an actual steps how to do the update.

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