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rob89 -> Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/5/2021 5:53:12 AM)

It's impossible to set the airgroups'upgrade flag to manual using CR, for units in the TBs


Is it possible to set it to manual in other ways?

thanks in advance


loki100 -> RE: Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/5/2021 7:48:38 AM)



All air units in the non-reserve Theatre Boxes will be set to automatic upgrades

18.5 repeats this

rob89 -> RE: Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/5/2021 7:59:16 AM)

why this choice?

I really do not like it...
could it be changed in the future?


Nix77 -> RE: Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/5/2021 10:17:55 AM)

Probably to prevent players from dumping all the old aircraft to TBs, which is a good thing. I think airgroups in TBs should also be at minimum "Normal" replacements = you shouldnt be able to send Restricted groups to TBs other than Reserve. Or you should be able to at least change the replacement status when they're in a TB.

If the airgroup TB strength is calculated from aircraft quality, quantity and pilot skill, then none of the above should be an issue.

Speedysteve -> RE: Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/5/2021 11:12:43 AM)


rob89 -> RE: Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/9/2021 3:01:30 AM)

The Replacement Priority (see CR) is also not manageable for TBs, with Airgroups set by default as 'normal'

The result is that in the TB West I have the greatest air losses and I cannot prioritize replacements !!!

It does not make sense...

Please, fix this, at least ... !

Dreamslayer -> RE: Air Groups upgrades in the CR (5/9/2021 9:32:53 AM)

Soviet Pacific Fleet Air Forces (VVS TOF).
On June 1941 VVS TOF had about 350 fighters (I-16, I-15bis, I-153) and 180 bombers (DB-3, SB-2).
During June 1941 - Dec 1942 VVS TOF received only 16 MiG-3, 1 LaGG-3, 1 Pe-2, 29 DB-3. Plus 32 DB-3 (as local 14 DBAP from RKKA that was renamed to 52 DBAP TOF) and 21 DB-3 was sent to the West.
So this air formation had low priority.
Similar story about tank units on the Far East. Most of tank units started to receive modern tanks only in 1945. Some old BT's and T-26's was used during war against Japan in August 1945.
Maybe the game need to have new mechanics to simulate such things. Its not looks normal if game engine force to send new aircrafts/tanks to non-priority TBs if its more needed in actual battles.

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