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cato13 -> invasion attrition issues (5/3/2021 9:56:22 AM)

So ive spent some time setting up naval interdiction lanes from all the invasion ports in NA to sicily so that there are clear routes to the invasion beaches. but after hitting the invade button ive noticed the AI doesnt sail along these clear routes it instead decided to sail along vast stretches of hexes that are contested.

obviously when i manually move units i can guide them but the invasions are automatic. why does the AI not use the shipping lanes ive cleared?

loki100 -> RE: invasion attrition issues (5/3/2021 10:10:08 AM)

I guess its basic algorithm is minimum hex length, so yes if you have carefully cleared channels you need to do short blocks of movement - usually over say 10 hexes it will stick to the path you want

cato13 -> RE: invasion attrition issues (5/3/2021 6:38:33 PM)

Yeah it was the invasion fleets i meant. i kinda hoped they would follow the safest hexes to the target but i guess thats not how the game works.

cfulbright -> RE: invasion attrition issues (5/3/2021 10:26:46 PM)

Turn 1 is tough because you haven't had time to build up your own naval interdiction and shoot down the Axis planes doing their NI AD's. You'll do much better for later invasions.


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