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fuser312 -> Completed tutorial, couple of quesions (5/3/2021 8:47:13 AM)

1. My tank platoon and one AH managed to kill entire soviet tank force coming from the northern tree line and they never managed to fire one shot and it happened in 3 turns. Why they never fired? Even though they had LOS.

2. Their AH was the only thing that killed my units, it came very close to my AA and my AA launched SAM 3 times but their AH was unharmed. Once again I have no idea why?

Can anyone explain these things, please? I found them very weird behavior.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Completed tutorial, couple of quesions (5/3/2021 12:36:55 PM)

Fuser312, without a screenshot to see the setup and weather and other parameters I can't explain the #1 LOS issue. If you were NATO with thermal sights and the weather was bad (Max range was less than 2000m) you could see them and they could not see you. Even with a valid LOS to your forces (denoted by being spotted, white dot in the lower right of the counters), units still need to "see" other enemy units. Depending on the map and LOS factors one unit may see things and the other spotted enemies do not. There is no everyone sees any spotted target in the game.

For #2 I need more information as well. What kind of SAM? What range? Unlike the movies, a well-rested crew, cover, and countermeasures can lead to many missed shots.

Let us know if you have more questions. I believe it takes ten posts to be able to post screen shots.[8D]

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