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OldCrowBalthazor -> Image Upload error (5/3/2021 2:59:05 AM)

been uploading and posting images correctly for a year on the forums..but today all day been getting this error mssg:
ASP 500.100 Error.

I screen shot it but cant upload that either haha.

Is this just a temporary temper tantrum with the Matrix forums going on ?

Hubert Cater -> RE: Image Upload error (5/3/2021 2:19:55 PM)

Hmmm.. not sure, might be a good idea to drop Matrix support a question on this as they control the forums.

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: Image Upload error (5/3/2021 8:22:28 PM)

Thanks Hubert...I opened up a support ticket via Slitherine. I noticed a spade of other anomalies on the WaW forum that may or may not be a coincidence...

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