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cato13 -> Does size matter? (5/2/2021 9:45:25 PM)

When it comes to bombs that is? i know the heavier bombs are better for the 4E bombers due to them bombing heavier targets but what about interdiction/rail yards/rail/naval patrols or any of the other targets that dont fall under strategic bombing?

cfulbright -> RE: Does size matter? (5/2/2021 10:31:49 PM)

My personal experience from doing a test a few years ago is that 1,000lb bombs in GA-unit attacks do more damage than twice as many 500lb bombs, but there is definitely a difference of opinion on this. It could be the accuracy * damage figures in the DB changed since my tests.


loki100 -> RE: Does size matter? (5/3/2021 7:21:44 AM)

best mindset is to split missions into two types

a) I want to stop units moving here

b) I want to blow something up that is here

for (a), small/many bombs, rockets or mines (obv for naval interdiction only) are usually the best to use

for (b) in the main bigger is better, its the blast rating plus range that does the damage

there are variants, a poorly entrenched unit (say under 2) in clear terrain can be usefully hit by smaller bombs but in the main for any fixed target missions I wouldn't go below 500lb if I can.

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