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Numdydar -> Egypt issues (5/2/2021 8:26:13 PM)

Using the new beta for the game, how can the Axis ever take Alexandria? I have blockaded the port, and get to attack one or two times, but then my units are wasted and I have to pull them back otherwise they just get killed.

I have a HQ in the last 1 supply space, but that does not seem to help at all either.

So I feel like I have to be doing something wrong. Any thoughts on how to do this?

stjeand -> RE: Egypt issues (5/2/2021 10:05:29 PM)

You have to have other ports around it to be in supply...surround it...bomb the unit then just keep attacking.

If there is a large corp is extremely difficult and expensive.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Egypt issues (5/2/2021 10:53:27 PM)

The Axis are stretching a supply line across thousands of miles in this case. In all other games they basically need to take Syria and Palestine. Then they can come at it from 2 sides.

Numdydar -> RE: Egypt issues (5/3/2021 4:12:52 PM)

Can single player save games be edited? As having to invade Syria to take Alexandria is ridiculous.

stjeand -> RE: Egypt issues (5/3/2021 4:50:55 PM)

I don't consider it rediculous...IF it was that easy then the UK would be wiped out to easily. It has to be nearly impossible.

Numdydar -> RE: Egypt issues (5/3/2021 7:21:03 PM)

I'll disagree with that statement [:)]

But can a single player save game be edited or not?

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