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Robert24 -> VARIABLE_CONDITION (5/2/2021 5:35:50 PM)

Good morning,

Since countries exit the game one of two ways, armistice or surrender; I was wondering if the variable “#VARIABLE_CONDITION” handles both armistice and surrender the same.

; #VARIABLE_CONDITION= Under what variable conditions will this event occur
; Format: country_id [political_alignment] [mobilization%] [surrendered_flag]

After a country exited the game by surrendered will a script fire with a #VARIABLE_CONDITION, surrendered_flag = 1?

After a country exited the game by armistice will a script fire with a #VARIABLE_CONDITION, surrendered_flag = 1?

BillRunacre -> RE: VARIABLE_CONDITION (5/2/2021 8:37:17 PM)

If it has withdrawn via an armistice, then the Variable Condition will have to reflect that the country is neutral.

It may therefore be necessary to add a dummy Decision that checks for it being fully mobilized, with that acting as one of the triggers for the script(s) you're thinking of adding.

Robert24 -> RE: VARIABLE_CONDITION (5/3/2021 3:50:52 AM)

Thank you Bill.

To clarify, after Germany withdrawals from the war, the various scripts that use this Variable Condition would fire if it reads as below?

; 1st Line - Germany politically neutral, not mobilized and not surrendered
#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 45 [0] [0] [0]

BillRunacre -> RE: VARIABLE_CONDITION (5/4/2021 9:21:11 AM)

Not quite, as she will still have an Axis leaning, so try this:

; 1st Line - Germany pro-Central Powers but not fully mobilized
#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 45 [1] [0] [0]

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