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UnionWarDog -> Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/2/2021 12:16:15 PM)

Hi guys!,

Was able to create the map and update a new ANTIETAM scenario. I'll put the linked files in the Mod and Scenario folder.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts. If there is interest, I'll create maybe Shiloh and Gettysburg to go with it.


Here is the link to the Antietam Scenario files....

Franciscus -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/3/2021 4:07:55 PM)

Thanks 👍

berto -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/3/2021 4:56:38 PM)

Wow! [X(]

Wonderful if this truly is a generalizable, bug-free, no compromises, no gotchas Real Deal!

If so ... [&o]

Alan Sharif -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/3/2021 5:08:57 PM)

Just installed the mod. Thanks for your remarkable work.

Randomizer -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/3/2021 5:20:24 PM)



Wow! [X(]

Wonderful if this truly is a generalizable, bug-free, no compromises, no gotchas Real Deal!

If so ... [&o]

Possibly except for "generalizable", whatever that means, it appears to be all of these things at first glance and has clearly required a vast amount of effort, so thank you very much, UnionWarDog.

A scenario like this on release might have saved this game and created a long-lived DLC franchise. That said, the odd decision by WCS to go with the obscure selection of minor battles that they did and then fail to provide a user-friendly editor has been discussed since before Brother Against Brother went gold. Just looking at your scenario gave me flashbacks to the old SPI "A Gleam of Bayonets" from their TSS family.

Brilliant piece of work and many thanks for uploading it. Huzzah!


zakblood -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/3/2021 6:09:40 PM)

well, finally had the time to play, so here goes


berto -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/4/2021 1:27:05 AM)


ORIGINAL: Randomizer

Possibly except for "generalizable", whatever that means...

That the techniques can be used, within reason, to recreate just about any ACW battle. That UnionWarDog will share and document his secrets, so that in addition to Shiloh and Gettysburg, others will try their hands at making scenarios beyond the usual Same Old Same Old.

UnionWarDog -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/4/2021 4:03:55 PM)

Hi Berto!

Absolutely, I'll share the info to allow others to create and design additional scenarios. NP!

I would agree with you, if the users don't continue to develop and create more scenarios the game would die off.

There are some small limitation to the OOB files and the map format is a diamond layout that has to be converted to a square format but other than that I think it's totally doable to add many different scenarios (classic or what-if) to the game.

I would also be interesting in do some graphic enhancements too. ;o)

BR, UnionWarDog

zakblood -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/4/2021 6:54:31 PM)



zakblood -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/4/2021 6:54:56 PM)



zakblood -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/4/2021 6:56:02 PM)



berto -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/4/2021 9:28:06 PM)


Zap -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (5/6/2021 11:24:40 AM)

H! C!

loki100 -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (6/11/2021 4:35:29 PM)

thank you, so enjoyed this game but the after a while just had played out the scenarios to the point of losing all interest - now I have to remember how it worked again

Ironclad -> RE: Antietam Scenario - completed! :0) (6/19/2021 8:33:16 AM)

A big thanks for this. I can only imagine how much effort was involved especially given that the game had been described as very difficult to mod especially with the complication of map creation.

Its given a lift to that sad 'what might have been' feeling I always have when visiting this site periodically. As you have taken the trouble to make this scenario (and with a good sized battle too) its the least I can do to try it out although its a while since I took the game off my system and these days relearning old games seems to take longer. [:)]

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