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Rodwonder -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/30/2021 10:01:23 PM)

sorry about your dad...

TulliusDetritus -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/1/2021 9:12:23 PM)

Condolences and take care [:(]

Erik Rutins -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/1/2021 10:23:27 PM)

My deepest condolences, Wodin.

wodin -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/4/2021 8:03:40 AM)

Thanks everyone

Gilmer -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/5/2021 11:16:26 PM)

I am very sorry Wodin. It's the lousiest time when you lose a parent.

wodin -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/14/2021 11:11:00 PM)

Dad and me around 1991. The funeral is this Thursday:(


IslandInland -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/15/2021 12:05:01 AM)



My Dad died. Very sad times.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

Mine went away in 2019.

I miss him.

I would like to say you will get over it but you will not.

The phrase "time heals all things" is not true.

I feel your pain.

Think of the good things. The wisdom he gave you, the experiences you shared with him and the fact he made you the man you are today.

I guess that you and him disagreed sometimes? That is the nature of the father/son relationship. Those disagreements only made you stronger.

That's what he wanted.

dox44 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (5/15/2021 1:15:40 AM)

Sorry to hear that Wodin.

My prayers for you and yours.

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