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wodin -> Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 1:49:46 AM)

My Dad died. Very sad times.

Zovs -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 1:53:27 AM)

Condolences and sorry for your loss wodin!

May you and your family be comforted during this time.

rommel222 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 2:02:48 AM)

Greetings wodin,
Sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I hope you, family and friends will share good memories of him and be comforted by it.

Talon_XBMCX -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 2:29:28 AM)

So sorry for your loss, Wodin. May he rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers for you all.

Rebel Yell -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 3:15:51 AM)

God bless, keep, and comfort you through your loss.

sPzAbt653 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 3:32:06 AM)

I never new your father, but if he had you as a son he must have been a serious dude. I am sorry for your loss, and may he have a nice rest until you all meet again.

jack54 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 4:12:26 AM)

Sorry for your loss [:(]

z1812 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 4:20:19 AM)

My condolences to you Wodin. It is very difficult to lose a Mom or Dad.

wodin -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 4:23:49 AM)

Thanks all.

Orm -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 5:04:49 AM)

I am sorry for your loss.

May he rest in peace.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 6:37:40 AM)

Sorry to read of your sad news.

warspite1 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 6:42:07 AM)



My Dad died. Very sad times.

My sincere condolences to you and yours wodin.

Franciscus -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 8:22:17 AM)

My condolences, Wodin. May your father rest in peace.

Grognerd_INC -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 8:47:23 AM)

I'm sorry to here that Wodin! Condolences and remember him well. That's what I do.

VPaulus -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 9:33:35 AM)

My condolences, Wodin.

RFalvo69 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 9:58:32 AM)

My condolences, Wodin. I lost my father almost one year ago (on May, 5th 2020). While I was growing up he gave me some of the best suggestions I ever got in my life. I hope that he will still live with you, in your memories.

RangerJoe -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 10:14:46 AM)

My condolences. May he Rest In Peace.

Look back and think of the good times with him.

shunwick -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 10:40:55 AM)

My condolences, Wodin.

Best wishes,

vonRocko -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 10:46:43 AM)

Sorry Wodin. My prayers for you and your family.

Artaud -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 11:15:30 AM)



My Dad died. Very sad times.

I'm very sorry to hear that. I lost my mother in February.

Greybriar -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 4:56:58 PM)

So sorry to read of your loss, Wodin. Please accept my sincere sympathy.

rickier65 -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 6:16:54 PM)

I'm sorry for your loss Wodin


asl3d -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 6:26:57 PM)

Sorry for your loss Wodin. My prayers for you and your family.

zakblood -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 7:01:03 PM)

sorry to hear the news and wishing you and your family our sympathy for your loss

mikkey -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 7:41:34 PM)

My condolences, Wodin.

LarryP -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 8:37:30 PM)

I'm very sorry Wodin for your loss too. I lost my dad in 2004, mom in 2013. It's pretty strange knowing you can't contact your parents when something needs to be found out, or you just want to talk. Now I'm next in line for my children to go through the same thing. Life. [X(]

Grognerd_INC -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 9:22:13 PM)

Wodin, I just did the RIP for the Astronaut at age 90, called him a hero. Got to thinking about fathers and your father was a hero too! My father passed away in 1972 and he was a hero too. God bless your father Wodin, God bless all fathers!

Will_L -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 10:00:04 PM)

Sincere condolences for your loss, kindest regards to you and your family in this trying time.

wodin -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/29/2021 10:30:00 PM)

Big thanks to all. Many lovely thoughts here. My Mum and Sister live down South so the support here has been needed.

Rosseau -> RE: Bad news yesterday (4/30/2021 12:41:19 AM)

Sorry to hear this, Wodin. It is a tough thing losing your Dad. Mine seemed indestructible at 78, but had brain cancer, and next thing you know I am on a plane to his funeral.

You know how to contact me if there is anything I can do for you.

- Mike

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