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First_Contact_Gamer -> Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (4/28/2021 4:10:10 AM)

I am a little newer to the community and the series of Grigsby games but have long been an admirer. However I have always found the series, and manuals a little daunting. I thought I would start a Let's Play of the Stalingrad to Berlin scenario to learn the game one turn at a time. I try to look for 1 or 2 mechanics/features each turn that I can both teach myself and introduce to my audience.

If anyone would like to follow along you can do so via the below link. I am releasing a new episode every day at 6 PM Central and we are now currently live through episode 13!

If this fantastic community has any pointers or suggestions that you see in my gameplay please let me know as I would love to share that knowledge in my videos.

FC Gamer

pensfanvw -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (4/28/2021 8:08:13 AM)

I have been following this series. Highly recommended.


First_Contact_Gamer -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (5/4/2021 1:55:02 AM)

Thanks Alan! Have really appreciated your support and comments as the series has developed!

Now out to Episode 19 and have still been maintaining a new episode every day!

DrewBlack -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (5/4/2021 8:42:55 AM)


Been quite a good series nice to see others getting enjoyment out of this scenario. Loved testing it in Alpha and Beta.

Keep up the great work and content.


russkly -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (5/4/2021 9:04:47 AM)

Very well done, very useful and very educational.

First_Contact_Gamer -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (5/8/2021 10:03:16 PM)

Thank you DrewBlack and Russkly for your support! I agree Iíve loved this scenario and have had a lot time spent thinking about what scenario to do with my next series. Any suggestions?

As a note episode 24 releases tonight and in the last episode we had a big surprise in the South as we advanced on Rostov!

fritzfarlig -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (5/8/2021 10:23:53 PM)

your are welcome to share your journey on our facebook group also

russkly -> RE: Stalingrad to Berlin Video Series (5/9/2021 8:47:45 AM)

As a newcomer to WiTx games, I started with the introductory scenarios and then RtL.

Whilst these probably aren't terribly interesting for more experienced WiTx gamers, it would be interesting to see how you would approach these scenarios and may provide a useful learning exercise for those novices unwilling or unable to crunch through and digest the manual.

I know it would have helped me to pick up the basics of the game.

And RtL is challenging.

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