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shri -> Surrender gives no NM or MPP, is this WAD? (4/26/2021 6:31:18 AM)

So, in my MP game it is early 1917, the ottomans withdrew, due to my bad Serbian play Bulgaria had never entered and Serbia was still alive with Greek, Romanian and Entente help. But Entente got very little MPP and no major NM boost (very minor) and i (CP) didn't lose much NM.

The following turn, Milan and the big NM city of Italy (Bologna i guess) fell, also Paris fell finally. Russians have lost Kovno, Vilno and Minsk but are barely surviving. Both Germany and Austria got NM boosts due to capture of French and Italian objectives and both France and Italy are close to surrender. Infact Austria which was almost near 25% is now above 33% and stable (i purposely let Austria occupy Italian objectives, though German armies won them).

Is this WAD?

UK is at 70 NM approx. US is not in the war, Germany is above 75NM and is convoy raiding heavily everywhere.

BillRunacre -> RE: Surrender gives no NM or MPP, is this WAD? (4/26/2021 4:03:58 PM)

Hi Shri

If a country withdraws from the war, as opposed to surrendering when its last capital is taken, then it will provide no plunder to the enemy.

With the Ottomans, their withdrawal doesn't boost Entente NM, but it does penalize the Central Powers', with Germany losing 7,500 points and Austria-Hungary 5,000.

shri -> RE: Surrender gives no NM or MPP, is this WAD? (4/27/2021 4:31:42 AM)

Thanks, no wonder my opponent was MAD [:D]

and resigned 2 turns after Paris fell, French NM was below 10% and Italians had also lost Turin by then and Genoa threatened and thus below 25 NM.

He thought by exploding onto Ottos his French and Italian detachments will grab cities and MPP and restore his strength.

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