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mooxe -> Multiplayer Not Working (4/25/2021 1:06:57 AM)

Attempted to host and join games, would not work. Connections methods were WAN IP and VPN IP, both same result. Windows firewall application exceptions enabled for CCMT. Latest Matrix version used.

While hosting games, opponent could see game and could select to join.

Upon selecting join nothing would happen. After 30 or so seconds CCMT resumed searching for games on the local subnet.

To further troubleshoot we both tried the original CCM. The same issue was found with CCM.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Multiplayer Not Working (4/26/2021 5:39:21 PM)

Assuming you're both behind a router, both the host and client need to open the DirectPlay ports and have them forwarded to the correct machine on the local net. I assume you're already familiar with this since you've had partial success:

As a test, try setting both routers (host and client) as DMZ and see if you're able to connect and play. If so then it's a matter of getting one router or the other configured so the game can get through.

mooxe -> RE: Multiplayer Not Working (4/27/2021 7:27:41 PM)

Steve, we were going through a VPN. No connection issues with CC5, LSA, TLD... I am assuming they use the same ports, but doesn't matter via VPN.

I can DMZ but its a complicated for many. VPN will offer the same test method basically.

ZygfrydDeLowe -> RE: Multiplayer Not Working (6/22/2021 6:53:32 PM)

It looks like the issue still persists.
Could anyone confirm, that it is indeed possible to play MP in this game?

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