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ThunderLizard2 -> 1.11 No Convoys to USSR??? (4/24/2021 4:00:34 AM)

Is this a bug in 1.11? No convoys from UK to USSR?

ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: 1.11 No Convoys to USSR??? (4/25/2021 1:43:55 PM)

Good question, not sure?

ThunderLizard2 -> RE: 1.11 No Convoys to USSR??? (4/25/2021 3:52:15 PM)

They're back now - not sure if glitch or something I missed

Platoonist -> RE: 1.11 No Convoys to USSR??? (4/25/2021 4:47:20 PM)

There are some rare circumstances in which the Arctic convoys to the Soviet Union don't sail. If Murmansk falls--or if there are enemy units within two hexes of it, Allied convoys will be routed to the port of Arkhangelsk instead. However, since Arkhangelsk isn't an ice free port all year, no convoys will sail during the winter. I guess it depends on the situation in your game.

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