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DorianGray -> UI - Howto preview support unit? (4/23/2021 3:57:05 AM)

In WiTE, you used to be able to preview the details of a support unit before assigning it.

Now it seems that is no longer possible because as soon as you click on a support unit (thinking you are going to get to see the details), it is auto-magically assigned.

[wait, wanted a chance to look at the damn thing first!!!!]

What am I missing? Why did this change from WiTE?


56ajax -> RE: UI - Howto preview support unit? (4/23/2021 6:26:43 AM)

In WitE you were given a list of support unit by TOE Type eg 2 x 41a Howitzer Regiment, 3 x 41b Howitzer Regiments etc and you were able to view the TOE for eg a 41a Howitzer regiment.

In WitE 2 you are given a list of the actual units available by name, their strength against TOE, and where they are coming from.

loki100 -> RE: UI - Howto preview support unit? (4/23/2021 7:15:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: DorianGray

...Why did this change from WiTE?


general point worth bearing in mind. The WiTE1 code base went its own some 5 years back (with patch 1.08+). The original was then adapted to produce WiTW and then again for WiTE2. It is distinctly non-trivial to bring in UI etc issues from #1.

postfux -> RE: UI - Howto preview support unit? (4/23/2021 7:36:26 AM)

I use the "com report" button for assigning SUs. You get all the info you want this way and more. By clicking on a unit name in the CR the unit window opens and it can be reassigned from there.

It is also possible to show TOE type in the CR so its easier to identify a certain unit. Also TOE%, fatigue and CPP are shown.

This is a very useful tool and I start every turn by going through the chains of command to see what is where and reassign if appropriate.

Slight critisism: The numbers in the filter options of the CR show the total number of units in game not of units already filtered. I dont think it is usefull information this way. It think it would also be usefull to return to the CR when a unit is chosen from the CR interface and the unit window is closed.

Zovs -> RE: UI - Howto preview support unit? (4/23/2021 11:44:43 AM)

To view a support unit prior to assigning it, you have to locate the parent unit that the support unit currently is assigned to. Then you can click on the support unit and view its details.

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