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MechFO -> Device Errata (4/20/2021 7:10:02 PM)

Bf110 F2 has 3 crew in the game, should be 2.

Fw190A has a reliability rating of 8, compared to f.e. Bf109 F4 with 10. The first few A1-2 series had severe reliability issues so this should really be maybe 13.

The reliability of the Do217 series with 8 doesn't make sense compared to the Ju88A4 15. Both were mature designs with a good reputation. The 8 should probably be a 15 as well.

Me210A was notoriously unreliable, so the standard 15 for a 2 engine is too generous. Maybe use 18 or 20.

Denniss -> RE: Device Errata (4/21/2021 3:43:24 AM)

will fix the Bf 110
190A and A-4 are already derated from the standard 5, Bf 109 and other single-engine a/c with liquid-cooled engines have 10
8/15 are standard values for twin-engined a/c with air-/liquid-cooled engines
Me 210 was not unreliable, a strange design choice made it unstable in flight with intention to improve maneuverability. But this made it very hard to control especially in low-speed flight like take-off and landings.

MechFO -> RE: Device Errata (4/21/2021 1:14:28 PM)

That's seems like quite the massive difference between air and liquid.

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