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gotthardx -> Music Mod (4/20/2021 11:41:54 AM)

Hello everyone. This is my first forum post. Due to the limitations of my new account, please contact us priv or email. The music mod is ready.


PeteJC -> RE: Music Mod (6/6/2021 11:53:29 AM)

gotthardx - I would love to get your music mod. How do I contact you?

PeteJC -> RE: Music Mod (6/6/2021 11:54:37 AM)

sorry. I should have included my e-mail. You can send it to Thanks

Hagar -> RE: Music Mod (6/6/2021 12:02:17 PM)

gotthardx, send RedLancer a PM... He can help you in that respect. And as I recall it takes about ten posts on the forum to do it the regular way.

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