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JJU57 -> Does AI Get More MPP? (4/18/2021 2:23:15 AM)

I have everything on default and have played a few games as each side. I'm wondering if the AI gets any research, production or MPP bonus because it can out research and out build me. When I play the Central Powers by the end of 2015 i compared my production and research to what the AI did. It had more units and more research.

I also did the same comparison at the end of 2015 when playing the allies. In both situations the AI always seems to have more research done and more units on the map.

I'm just curious. I win against the AI with either side but I'm thinking about playing other humans and if the AI doesn't get any bonus then I'm clearly doing something wrong and might get killed by another human player.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Does AI Get More MPP? (4/18/2021 7:32:31 PM)

Hi JJU57,

The AI will receive some additional bonus units, even at the default level and these are for the most part just to help the AI along. They are piecemeal and designed to mostly be added in to help the AI defend when they are triggered to fire to do so, or to better attack when it is triggered to do so here as well.

These can all be accessed via the OPTIONS->ADVANCED->SCRIPTS screen and under the listed UNIT events. These will be labelled as either helping the ENTENTE or CENTRAL POWERS AI near the end of this list. They can be enabled/disabled as desired.

The AI may also receive some free RESEARCH or DIPLOMACY help, it's not guaranteed to be free like the UNIT event, e.g. if they have the money to do so the AI will spend it, but if they do not, then the event will fire regardless as it ensures the AI properly invests in the right amount of research or diplomacy and so on. If it doesn't then it can be quite detrimental to the overall game experience if let's say they do not invest in the right amount of SHELL research and so on.

In the current build this is not accessible to be enabled/disabled in game, but the next build will provide access to this also through the SCRIPTS screen. These particular AI events are labelled as FORCED.

Hope this helps,

JJU57 -> RE: Does AI Get More MPP? (4/19/2021 1:17:27 AM)

Thank you for the answer. I have no issues with the AI getting these. I was just curious is I was doing something really wrong because I usually had less research and/or units.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Does AI Get More MPP? (4/19/2021 1:29:06 PM)

Great and glad to hear you are enjoying the game and considering multiplayer as well [8D][:)]

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