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Nightrad -> Game manual and consequences in model design (4/16/2021 9:46:42 AM)

I have played only a little bit (won one game), and for the most part, the manual does a good job of describing how engine power/weight ratios work and how that affects vehicle performance. I have, however, noticed three things that bother me about the way model design works.

1) When designing a truck, there seems to be no clear connection between engine power of a truck and the equipment it can tow. That is, it doesn't matter how heavy your artillery is, as long as your truck has an overpowered engine relative to its own weight. This begs the question, why would one have artillery guns in smaller calibers, if you can just mount the biggest ones on the back of a basic truck? Ammo usage? My suggestion here would be to tie this in together.

2) When adding wings and other parts to a plane, I have little idea as to what each component adds/subtracts from effective range. It becomes a guesswork of trying different combinations before one sticks. Could the manual expand on how individual components affect the final design? It is nice that there is a viability check though, with a summary, which brings me to my last point:

3) Could we have a basic summary, like with planes, that would predict approximate unit stats like movement penalties and firepower (assuming average design rolls), so we can go back to the drawing board like with planes? It could make model design clearer for newer players, and allow us to compare a potential new model to the old one easier.

zgrssd -> RE: Game manual and consequences in model design (4/16/2021 1:17:11 PM)

1) Yes, you got it right. There is no point for smaler callibre right now, but I made suggestions to fix that:

Also no point in getting stronger engine into trucks, except maybe getting slightly more speed.
Note that about 95% of the fuel consumption is based on weight and size, with a multiplier for having double or tripple engines.
However trucks are the only thing that can be so light, that the weight fuel consumption usually ends up at 0 - so the miniscule engine fuel consumption is the entire fuel consumption for a truck.

2) Absolutely, the Aircraft design is a dark art. And it might even contain a number of dispaly and calculation bugs.
But as a general rule for aircraft viability, divinde the gravity by the pressure. If the result is less then 1, asume aircraft are worthless.
Another factor can be flat land - it allows ground forces to move out of range fast, being another factor against Airforces.

3) Somebody made a mockup of a proper designer:
It is save to asume that reworking design is "on the list" for Vic. But it is a long list.

Nightrad -> RE: Game manual and consequences in model design (4/16/2021 6:45:22 PM)

With regards to aircraft design, it's more the explanation of what each part does. The manual already gives a basic description of the various engine types, and mentions that rocket engines work better in thin atmosphere, but working out wingspan:fuel capacity:engine power ratios is indeed a dark art as you said.

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