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misterprimus -> victory conditions should be selectable and allow for planetary conquest (4/16/2021 5:36:10 AM)

Seems like you can be playing well and "lose" because you killed a lot of a major's population that allowed a second major to have enough of a territorial/population edge to win. Had this happen to me. Was sieging a major city and suddenly saw the you lost message. I think there should be an option to play for planetary conquest, meaning you have to control 100% of the planet or at least completely annihilate all of the majors. Currently it makes turtling dangerous since you can "lose" even without really losing. Should be an easy fix: just a checkbox at world gen and procedures that check for victory/defeat checking that parameter and testing the conditions accordingly. Obviously this can be dressed up quite a bit eventually becoming as advanced as DW:U, but for now I think it's a bit urgent to at least allow for planetary conquest to be the victory condition since currently it's almost as bad as a bug in some cases.

This is made worse by the fact that majors generally get a running start in terms of techs (due to the way they "buy" them) and are hyper aggressive, which means it's not really an option to rush them at the start of the game, so you kinda have to turtle.

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