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stjeand -> The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/14/2021 11:23:44 PM)

Where's the cheese?

In a formal letter from the German Government to the leaders of France and England, the German people are tired of being shunned from the dinner table because of their taste in cheeses.
The French may have their Brie and their Camembert...
The English may have their Cheddar and Lancashire...
And even the lowly Belgians have their Fromage...
But we the proud Germans have Limburger and it deserves it place on all the dinner tables around Europe.

Due to this injustice we have decided that a declaration of hostilities are too begin immediately until our cheese demands are met.

Sillyflower and I have restarted due to technical errors the 1940 campaign we were playing.

I dislike the 40 campaign overall but thought to give it a try.

Knowing my BOA experiences, that ended when the game began. The UK has 23 escorts and nearly 400 MM.
The Germans have 2 Uboats who apparently have not left port since the war began so nothing has happened to slow the Allies down. I thought to give it one more go...but if all goes as it did in the last game I will build one sub and that will be all, but I can hope.

The US did nothing...thankfully but so did the Italians and they have twice the economy.

I suspect the UK just repaired all its Inf and build Escorts and MM as did Canada for the past 6 months.

The French thankfully have built very armor means no counter attacks. That will be a nice change of pace.

The Germans decide to thrust into Belgium as they should.
It falls easily with minimal losses, due to careful execution...
7 land, all armor/mech and 3 aircraft, 2 fighters 1 bomber.

Nicely the UK lost 6 in that battle so it went fighters our way.

The Luftwaffe decides to gain some experience and strat bomb Lyon...
3 experience gained with no losses so that is nice.

All bombers are on mission to avoid naval interaction.

The Uboats leave Kiel and head to the South Atlantic. This is the only turn that they will not take losses so I will enjoy the 1 or 2 MM I get to sink before they get hammered by the UK navy.

Ending positions below.


stjeand -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 10:32:13 AM)

Turn 1 builds a Uboat. Not sure why...but giving it a shot.

stjeand -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 11:15:51 AM)

Germany decides to go all in at taking France quickly as the British make a run for it.
Losses are greater but Paris is just over 100 miles away. Don't think that it can be taken next turn but you never know.

Losses are heavier and replacements are impossible to find.

German land losses 18 air losses 12 this turn.

French lose 48 land and 26 air, basically grounding their aircraft.

More bombings to raise experience which works well on the level bombers.
Sadly the fighters just lose experience at this point.

The Uboats sink just 1 MM which is more than normal but heavy UK naval units are sighted and they move out to open waters so they can get the UK navy to scatter a bit in search.

Germany builds a panzer emptying their coffers.

I guess if I can get France early a few more losses is not bad. Should, if luck holds, have it before July then can turn towards the Netherland and Yugoslavia.
But the panzers are wearing down. Will need a rest at that point.


stjeand -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 12:45:22 PM)

The German panzers refuel and make a run for Paris...smashing all resistance in their path but their efforts come up short.

The German paratroopers still can't fly.
The panzers roll up to the defense on Paris but can not break it even with an all out frontal assault. Losses on both sides are heavy this turn. The failed attack left a panzer exposed to counter attack. All air units have been made ready in case. Hopefully rivers will keep them safe.

The Uboats decide to move to Canada...hoping to catch Canadian oil enroute to Germany.

France makes a major blunder not informing the UK that they are abandoning the Alps to assist Paris.

German and Italian intelligence report multiple sightings of unescorted transports in the Med full of troops retreating from France...and they decide to take advantage of the situation. They declare war and dispatch all air and naval units to intercept.
Untold numbers of British soldiers are killed...the Italian navy sink the South Wales Corp and many soldiers of the IInd corps. The navy searches for survivors now but it looks grim.
The airforce finds the 1st corp in port at Malta and sink all the ships. No idea of the number of survivors.
This leaves the Italian navy in range of any UK ships in Egypt...naval air is put on full alert.

Italian armor rolls into Egypt and defenders are few and far between. But the Italians just do not have enough troops yet to take over, nor the oil to continue any offensive run.

They contact the Germans and they begin preparations to send troops to Egypt immediately.

With the staggering losses that the Allies have taken...German propaganda begins to circulate...Limburger is appearing on tables in the UK and France.

Frances surrender is immanent.
The UK may sue for peace after the Mediterranean debacle as this will become known.


stjeand -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 12:54:26 PM)

The war was going...okay...nothing special but this puts the UK in a bind.

2 full corps dropped 30% and 70 transports sunk, with no Italian losses.

Germany took heavier losses but they were taking a chance...which was a waste since I could not get France to surrender and did not notice that till now. So losing 6 armor for nothing is not a great move...but one step closer.

Next turn should be able to take Paris and the other points to get France to surrender.

After that we will see...

stjeand -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 2:46:00 PM)

Sadly forgot to take a screen shot and take any notes...

The German armor is in complete shambles. Well over 40 points lost and more will fall this turn. Not sure they will be able to recover to attack Yugo. This will not go well...

France should surrender next turn unless the armor holding Paris fails. If it does Germany may have to sue for peace as they have nothing left. The all out assault appears to have been a dismal failure and the general in charge has been sacked.

The Uboat navy is utterly useless. The Germans will likely completely abandon the battle of the Atlantic as they have sunk 2MM in all the efforts put forth.

The Italian navy was left to its own devices and the French fleet met them. Each side lost a ship and the Italian sub fleet was caught on the surface having a wine party.

Honestly even with the UK hit as it was...The German armor has been decimated. Crazy losses in battle...
Not sure I will be able to recover the losses.
To many early mistakes, should have just taken my time with France instead of rushing.

I am abandoning the BOA as I normally do. It is a waste of oil as the UK has 400MM and there is no way to sink enough to make any difference. I don't think I will ever bother trying anything in the BOA again in any game I play other than with the Allies. I have not had a single game out of over a dozen where I have even done slightly below average. I believe my average MM sunk is to Uboat damage ratio is 1/1. I only have any luck if I can get surface fleets out.. Wish I was able to just disband the Uboats for points...but that was taken away probably because of that reason.
Not sure why anyone playing me can sink 4 and 5 MM at a time and if I sink 1...I am lucky. But best to not throw away PP that the Germans don't have. Now I am stuck with 4 Uboats that do nothing but take damage.
That has been the only bonus so far...they have not been hit which is shocking.

stjeand -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 3:42:06 PM)

With the last turn Germany has asked for cessation of hostilities.
The Allies have agreed with no stipulations.

Sadly the game went horribly wrong for both of us.

I think in the end Germany lost close to 80 armor strength...maybe more.
I must not have been paying attention since I rarely lose that much even in a France all in loss.
Uboats were useless as they always are for me. They just suck up more oil then they return.

Silly did not play attention to his units on the French border and Italy joined the Axis and sank so many soldiers.
So we both decided the game should end.

As such I believe this will be my final play of the 1940 campaign.
I do not like the campaign at all.

Sorry all for wasting time on this AAR.

sillyflower -> RE: The Great Cheese War stSauron Axis NO Sillyflower Allies (4/15/2021 3:51:31 PM)

It is unfortunate for both of us that our sub-optimal efforts have been exposed to the world [sm=00000506.gif]
but at least Stsauron's true avatar has been exposed.

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