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RobbDad -> Can Egypt be saved? (4/11/2021 3:37:38 PM)

Once the Afrikakorps is deployed and they attack into Egypt, I've got nothing to stop them. Can Egypt be saved?

Platoonist -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/11/2021 3:43:40 PM)

Do you still have the traditional British forces in Egypt? The W.D.F., the 7th Armored, the Australian and New Zealand Corps and other desert forces? You should be able to at least slow them down with those.

RobbDad -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/11/2021 3:58:34 PM)


ORIGINAL: Platoonist

Do you still have the traditional British forces in Egypt? The W.D.F., the 7th Armored, the Australian and New Zealand Corps and other desert forces? You should be able to at least slow them down with those.

Nope. It's Sept 41 and the Aussies and Kiwis haven't made it yet. Got the 7th but it's going to die to the anti-tank guns. The artillery is going next and then there's just the aircraft and an AA gun left. He's still got anti-tank unit, an infantry corps, an armored corps, and tactical aircraft. I'm wondering if maybe I just drew the bad luck of facing an excessively aggressive AI.

Platoonist -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/11/2021 4:09:31 PM)

Yeah, it might be too late for this game. The best defense against the Afrika Korps is to well anticipate its coming and prepare. Before it even arrives try to get an engineer busy building a series of fortifications across the narrow waist of Egypt between the Mediterranean Sea and the Qattara Depression. Bring in what corps and armies you can spare from down under and back them up with at least one artillery. Try not to get sucked into fighting deep in Libya. Against the AI in particular you can usually hold. If you can get a naval unit in a position to ambush elements of it crossing the Med Sea even better.

HamburgerMeat -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/13/2021 11:08:36 PM)

You can also use your battleships to reduce port supply below 5. That way the Axis cannot immediately disembark a transport

petedalby -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/14/2021 8:59:52 AM)

You can also use your Strat Bomber to reduce their supply bases. That slows them down a bit. Getting the colonials over earlier in 39 or 40 is very worthwhile.

smckechnie -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/14/2021 7:41:37 PM)

Here are my suggestions for holding Egypt. Lots of what to do depends on flow of battle and how good your opponent is, but here are the moves to help the British hold Egypt.

1. First turn turn in British Artillery and research Air Force. This will help in battle for Britain and Egypt, plus give your carriers better CAP.

2. Within the first six months of the game research anti-tank, tac air, and armored warfare. Inf weapons when that hits from the first chit put in it.

3. If your opponent is slower on attacking France or even fast, take the engineer that the French get and sent it to Egypt to begin digging fortifications. You should be able to get one or two fortifications done before France falls. When France falls there is also a chance that the Engineer will join the British Army, which also helps. Fortifications in France just get run over by the Luftwaffe and panzers, so not a big deal.

4. Place main defenses around El Alamein. If Axis advance that will give you the US opportunity to send tanks to help British.

5. Hit ports in North Africa, as per Hamburger Meat with French fleets the minute Italy joins the war.

If done right you will have WDF, 7th Armored Desert Rats, US Armor, and at least 2 tac air to defend Egypt with higher tech. Unless the axis have sent half or more of the Luftwaffe and 2 to three panzer corps you can hold.

Marcinos1985 -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (4/15/2021 1:40:08 PM)

Good thread. One may argue, if Egypt should really be saved. It may be even beneficial to lure Axis there, as I experienced myself. Really, Germany is generally short on cash with many needs, paying for operating planes/sea transports will be a burden for them.
If you do want to slow Germany down, place a Strategic Bomber in Siwa Oasis and bomb both Benghazi and Tobruk ports repeatedly. This way you don't have to protect yourself from RM or planes from Sicily. He will have to unload in Tripoli, and then getting to Egypt will require additional 3-4 turns for slower units, a significant amount of time, and Barbarossa is coming up quickly.
And bring Indian troops, in 1940-41 they are generally unemployed.

DrZom -> RE: Can Egypt be saved? (5/17/2021 3:48:51 PM)

I can't be the only one to send Monty to Egypt, can I?

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