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Joseignacio -> FF partisan in Yugo without action? (4/10/2021 4:50:19 PM)

FR aligned Yugo, GE conquered, and there was a French partisan.

Later on France is Vichyed and no Free France is born (all rolls lost) , and IMO the partisan should be another nationality. USSR?

However it seems to become a FF unit without activities and do not hinder any GE activity and cannot be moved by any aliied power.

I believe this is wrong.


Joseignacio -> RE: Vichy partisan in Yugo? (4/10/2021 4:53:47 PM)


Joseignacio -> RE: Vichy partisan in Yugo? (5/9/2021 2:34:11 PM)

Just for general information, the Part is still there like 3 turns later. It doesn't affect in almost anything, it looks like a visual glitch, a residual image, you can put a GE corps on it or whatever. However, later we have had problems railing units to Skopje. Which not only should not be hindered by the unexisting partisan but also there are alternative routes because Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are aligned. ???

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