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tiag -> [Logged] Range of Unguided Weapons (4/10/2021 10:35:23 AM)

There are two bugs in regard to the range of unguided bombs.

->The first one is about how the range of cluster bombs change with altitude while of slick bombs does not. I checked with many weapons and platforms and it is there for all of them.

What should be?

In real world, range of any unguided bomb should scale with altitude and speed of the launching platform for a given attack profile. The higher the altitude, the longer the range. This is the first bug.
Please check this video I did ...it is better than 1000 words....

Bug on the range of unguided weapons

-> The second bug is about the very small range for unguided weapons.

A Slick bomb has a range of 1-1.5nm in CMO right now (CBUs over 2k feet AGL only 1nm) This is only correct for level bombing or low angle dive bombing. The problem of using this default range is that does not allow to attack tgts defended by air defences while keeping a safe distance. Before the introduction of PGMs, one of the major methods of delivery of CBUs were medium-low altitude loft bombing. Bombs can be lofted over several nm depending on the initial conditions. Loft combined to terrain cover is the a major way to minimize exposure to threats since the 50s and it is very used noawadays. See e.g. BEM of the F-16 page 5.104.

Knowing the loft bombing has been discussed ad nauseum in the past in this forum, and knowing that CMO does not simulate any specific attack profile (HAHD/HALD, LALD/LAHD, dive toss, loft, etc), CMO should always pick the BEST range available i.e. the max available range. In other words, 1.5nm is way too short.

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