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T4rget -> Supply questions (4/9/2021 7:59:49 AM)

Hi folks,

I'm struggling to understand how supply works.

I let the AI placing depots but I would like to understand where to place them myself. I also would liek to understand how the supply flows really in order to understand where to place best my units.

For example I don't know if it does make a difference to place an Army HQ on a depot, a railroad, a road or in a remote forest. SAme thing for army corps and air armies HQs

RedLancer -> RE: Supply questions (4/9/2021 8:02:37 AM)

Have you read the Logistics One Page Guide and the Showcasing Logistics thread in the War Room?

T4rget -> RE: Supply questions (4/9/2021 8:25:08 AM)

Ah! I missed the showcasing. Thanks. I'll dig into it. It seems to answer a lot.

I've read the posters and some parts of the manual but I'm overwhelmed in information for the moment :)

MaB1708 -> RE: Supply questions (4/9/2021 4:40:59 PM)

In case you have missed this
It has become a fountain of knowledge on supplies and logistics, reading it again and again (including my own halfwit questions) was one big eye-opener for me. Enjoy!

carlkay58 -> RE: Supply questions (4/9/2021 6:25:03 PM)

I would also mention that you are free to download the saves from my AAR and play around with them to see how it works and maybe find better ways to do this. The major advantage of this is that you are working off a supply system that is in flux - but it is a realistic and (semi) working supply net.

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