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Wadi -> Air re-fueling (4/8/2021 10:21:17 PM)

Newbie here. How do you air refuel? Thanks

SeaQueen -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/8/2021 11:09:28 PM)

Aircraft will do it on their own if there's a compatible tanker available. You can set when they will start looking for a tanker on the menu, or manually tell them to refuel.

Filitch -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/9/2021 6:03:35 AM)

This can be helpful

Wadi -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/10/2021 2:17:57 AM)

Thanks Filitch, most helpful. But after my strike fighters are topped off, how do I proceed to give my planes their ordinance orders, targeting information and have them fly to the target?

boogabooga -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/10/2021 3:19:19 AM)

Strike mission.

You really need to go through the tutorials.

p1t1o -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/10/2021 7:26:53 PM)



Thanks Filitch, most helpful. But after my strike fighters are topped off, how do I proceed to give my planes their ordinance orders, targeting information and have them fly to the target?

If you give an aircraft that is on a mission or on a manually set course a refuel order (that it is able to execute), after it has topped off, it will automatically return to its original course+mission.

For example, you can assign a CAP mission to use tankers from a specific mission nearby, and they will patrol until they need to top off, tank, and return to CAP automatically.

Or if an aircraft is simply flying to a distant manual waypoint, you can order a refuel and the aircraft will tank and then return to its original course, flying direct to the active waypoint.

Most common reason why an aircraft will not refuel - incompatible equipment (see database) & unit doctrine settings. Both the tanker and receiver must be set to, or assigned to missions that are set to allow refueling.

Care must be used when setting an aircraft or a mission to allow refueling, as they can often turn around and decide to seek a tanker on their own when you least expect it. Bingo fuel level will also be calculated against the position of the nearest tanker, rather than the aircraft's base - and if this tanker happens to not be the one you intend, your flights can sometimes be left flying on fumes out in no-mans-land - so you must constantly pay attention to aircraft fuel, range, doctrine settings and tanker assets.

In my experience, refueling is best micro-managed (and used sparingly). I generally set my entire side to DISallow refueling even if I want to use it. Then on a when-needed basis, set individual missions, flights or aircraft to allow. This prevents aircraft from making unwanted detours to tankers halfway across the map at random times.

The tutorials are useful, but experience is the only way to really learn this sim. Eventually, once you have dicked with the settings enough, you'll be playing them like a concert pianist.

RedBunny -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/10/2021 7:35:35 PM)

I've found this really useful:

All of P Gatcomb's tutorials are great.

guanotwozero -> RE: Air re-fueling (4/12/2021 8:01:52 AM)


Newbie here. How do you air refuel? Thanks

If you want to try a simple example, arrange a strike or patrol mission that's too far for a single tank of fuel. Then create a tanker "support" mission halfway along that route, and allocate at least one tanker to it.

Using defaults, the planes should refuel from the tanker when they're low enough. You can force this to happen (on the way out and/or back) by clicking the flight then selecting "Refuel" from the Unit menu.

In the enclosed pic there's a refuel mission called "Mid-Indian Refuel", and the mission editor is open - it's just using default settings. I've allocated some tankers to it, one of which is on station. I've also selected flight "VP-6 Tigers #2" and shown the Unit menu instruction to refuel at that station.

When you're happy with that, the above mentioned tutorials will give you all the detail you need for more complex and powerful operation.

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