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cato13 -> pbem issue (4/8/2021 8:13:48 AM)

i've not long started a pbem match with me playing as allies. Whenever i start my start mt turn and click on the air battles button i dont see any of my own missions for example i dont see any air battles over northern europe, also nothing shows up on CR. Also in the event log i see all the axis missions but none of mine

Anyone seen this before? My opponent asked me to start the match whereas the manual states the axis player should start the match so i suspect this is the reason.

cfulbright -> RE: pbem issue (4/8/2021 4:02:49 PM)


I've played one PBEM game, so limited experience, but here are two observations:

1. If you're playing a scenario in which the Allies have the first move (e.g., the 1943 or 1944 grand campaigns), then yes, the Axis player has to start the game. All he/she does is load the scenario with PBEM set, press F12, then send the save file to you.

2. Make sure you aren't filtering out air battle results in the Display Combat Results screen. See screenshot where you can select your filters.



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