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Aetius2 -> AI movement on stratmap (4/7/2021 8:42:02 AM)

I'm doing a mod project about the battle of Radzymin July-August 1944 for LSA with the stock LSA maps (some cropped).

I would like to know the triggers for AI movement on the strategic map.
If an AI BG has posession of an exit VL but the entire map isn't conquered yet i would like to know how i can trigger the AI BG to move to the next map on the stratmap via the exit VL instead of capturing the entire map first and then move to the next map on the stratmap.
Sometimes the AI has posession of an entire map and is in full supply but it will not attack the surrounding maps for some reason?
How can the modder trigger AI strategic movement?


SteveMcClaire -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/8/2021 5:55:17 PM)

There isn't a method for a mod maker to directly control the strategic level AI. If you want to make the AI more likely to attack you can:

* Make sure the AI side has an overall strength advantage of 2:1 or better.
* Set your AI battle groups (in bgroups.txt) to recon or armor type. These are the types most likely to move even if their current map is contested.
* Add a second battle group (even a weak one) to the AI side's 'home edge' maps which typically have major supply depots. This will encourage the AI to move forward as it isn't leaving a vital map unprotected. This is especially true if the map in question has non-friendly maps in more than one direction.
* If feasible, add reinforcement BGs entering the map(s) you want the AI to move off of. The AI will try to make room if reinforcements are going to arrive on the map.

Aetius2 -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/9/2021 6:26:17 AM)

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated [:)].

I did some searching in the forums about VL's, btd value's and their impact on AI strategic momevent (example: would AI BG choose to go to map with lots of VL's or choose the one with less VL's?) and came on an interesting thread by FeurerKrieg a while back:

His summary:
1) BTD values are only triggers: 50 = 1pt, 100 =2pts, 200 = 3pts. Any other value = 0pts
2) Stacking flags works
3) Setting flag value to 99 or 199 in order to make a flag 'score' 0 pts, does not adversely affect AI desire for that flag
4) Making a flag score 0 pts as above does not impact the way the game uses flags to determine deployment, area held, etc.
5) AI desire for flag is determined by value assigned to flag in BTD file.
6) Exit flags must be set to 50 in BTD (thus scoring 1 pt) or they do not work.

Can you confirm his conclusions about the point system?
Thanks in advance.


SchnelleMeyer -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/9/2021 2:29:25 PM)

That is one great thread you found there Aetius. I somehow had missed it all these years. Thank you!

ineffable -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/10/2021 3:58:33 PM)

Not sporting to lure the player to move for a 0 value VL. Potentially useful to have the AI move for a 999 VL with a 0 value IF the VL is invisible to the player. The VL flag graphics can be deleted from the gadget files but the .BTD requires VL names be a minimum of 1 character.

Stacking a 999 VL on an exit VL may lure the AI into taking it, but getting the AI to use an exit VL is another thing.

Is the AI influenced by the VL score at any point in a battle or op, eg. the 2 minute warning?

SteveMcClaire -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/12/2021 4:18:01 PM)

Hi Aetius2 -- there are two different layers of the AI here:

1) For the strategic AI, moving battle groups on the strategic map, the value of individual VLs and their type isn't important. The 50 point VL = exit VL is related as it ties the tactical map to the exit(s) on the strategic map but that is about it.

2) In a tactical battle the value and type of the VLs is important as it effects the tactical AI's decision about whether it is winning or losing the map and where to setup/move on the battle field.

I can confirm VL values other than 50/100/200 are not 'scored.' I haven't tested other values so I can't guarantee that there will be no problems if you use something else, but I wouldn't be surprised if it 'worked' fine. I can't think of a reason you would want a VL with no point value but if you want to use it ... :)

Aetius2 -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/14/2021 1:32:02 PM)

Thanks for the clarification.

In the campaign.txt there is a "home direction" setting (friendly rear that way. 0 = N, 1 = NE, 2 = E, 3 = SE, 4 = S, 5 = SW, 6 = W, 7 = NW)

What is the use of this setting?
At first i tought this might be used by the strategic AI, i know now it's not but i wonder what it does?


SteveMcClaire -> RE: AI movement on stratmap (4/14/2021 5:25:42 PM)

It defines the default map edges and is a fallback for situations where there is no other information about the direction to the friendly rear or the expected direction to the enemy. You generally want to set this to the direction your campaign 'plays' -- typically east/west or north/south.

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