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butch4343 -> Submarine Towed Array Questions (4/7/2021 7:49:35 AM)


I fear I am about to show my lack of Submarine knowledge here, I was thinking whilst trying to create a script for submarines about this.

Many submarines have towed sonar arrays that are used to passively recievce sounds in the water. I also understand that there are layers which effectively acts as a wall to sound at different depths and submarines dip above/below the layer to check for contacts. That got me thinking , would it be possible for a submarine to "trail" its array under the layer , whilst remaining above it? I presume the layer will have different thicknesses dependent on a number of variables , temp, salinity ect.

I will appreciate if this is something that can not be discussed in a public forum as well.

Kind Regards


Swiso -> RE: Submarine Towed Array Questions (4/7/2021 8:12:06 AM)

Hope it help:

cmanouser1 -> RE: Submarine Towed Array Questions (4/7/2021 11:38:58 AM)

Check the submarine section 9.2.3 of the PDF manual accessible from the launcher, it has a chart explaining exactly this.

butch4343 -> RE: Submarine Towed Array Questions (4/7/2021 2:14:29 PM)


Thanks for this much obliged [:)]

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