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Easter80 -> Bug after Libya is liberated from the CP (4/6/2021 8:49:44 PM)

Hi. I'm playing a game against the KI as the CP. When I've liberated Italian occupied Libya after I've finnished the turn the CP unit in the colonial capital Tripolis and the Ottoman partisan units are vanishing - not the regular Ottoman unit Muhafizia Corps - and Libya becomes under control of Italy again with the script: "Italy activates its colony in northern Africa". I've to liberate Tripolis once more after it stays liberated under CP control and the shipping route from Tripolis to Italy vanishes.

BillRunacre -> RE: Bug after Libya is liberated from the CP (4/7/2021 9:47:32 AM)

That is very intriguing as there is a script that would cause the issue you've seen, however it is by default switched off, so unless the campaign has been modified in any way (or the script turned on in the Options screen) it is a mystery as to how that could have happened.

Is it possible that either could explain it?

For reference, this is the Surrender_2 script in question, and the Flag= 0 means it is not set to fire in a game unless it is manually switched on:

#NAME= Italy Mobilizes Its Libyan Colonies
#POPUP= <<TAG_12>>
#FLAG= 0
#TYPE= 1
#AI= 0
;Set global variable condition to always trigger (dummy value)
#GV= 1[1,100]
;Set link value to always trigger (dummy value)
#LINK= 0[0]
#DATE= 1914/08/01
;Set variable conditions:
; 1st Line - Italy politically aligned with the Entente and not surrendered
#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 59 [2] [100] [0]
; dummy condition position
#CONDITION_POSITION= 0,0 [0,0] [0,0] [0] [0]

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