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Kinwolf -> Game resolution and font size (4/5/2021 2:17:22 PM)

Hi, Is there any way to change the game resolution, or change the font size at least?

I am playing on a 27 inch QHD screen and the text is so small it's not playable. usually, I play game with a resolution of 1080P on the monitor for best result but it doesn't look like we can change the resolution in the game options. :(

Numdydar -> RE: Game resolution and font size (4/5/2021 4:18:42 PM)

LOL. A little late to the game resolution party [:)]

This has been discussed many times already. The current solution (which I am using) is ZoomIt which works really well while 2by3 work on a better solution for the game overall. Joel stated that the in game solution will take some time so we will just have to wait or use ZoomIt.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Game resolution and font size (4/5/2021 5:48:00 PM)

Please read through these threads:

Kinwolf -> RE: Game resolution and font size (4/5/2021 11:14:02 PM)

Thanks for the replies. I did a search on "screen resolution" but nothing turned up, so thanks for the links, I'll read them and see what is proposed.(and try zoomit)

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