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MrsWargamer -> Today in Wargaming. (4/4/2021 11:49:47 PM)

Today I was all over Tigers on the Hunt.

I was able to start up the game, play the same scenario repeatedly, using varying mods, get in several turns each time, confusion factor barely worth mention.

In conclusion, I bad-mouthed the game too much in the past.

In comparison, I've bought into Lock N Load Tactical Digital. Perhaps a good program, but, the interface is no simple thing. And it sure as hell isn't Squad Leader. Fun? Likely. But intuitive it isn't. Then again, neither was Tigers on the Hunt initially. I'll need to watch some videos I suppose.

But currently, my LnL experience was kinda flat.
Quantity of scenarios, VERY limited in numbers.
Maps, kinda small.
Units kinda sparse.
Need to read the manual, Very Likely.

LnL Tactical Digital is NOT the equal of Tigers on the Hunt.
it will be competing with Valor and Victory.

fuselex -> RE: Today in Wargaming. (6/19/2021 3:37:17 PM)

need to read the manual , very likely ?
i may need to watch some videos ?
the lnl interface is no simple thing ?
guess that could be applied to some commentators .

well from australia , the land of bogans and drop kicks who dont really have this lack of understanding , i will dedicate this song to you .
not many words , you should get the grasp of the song with out reading a manual , watching videos and getting confused by the inteface.

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