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sfbaytf -> Support Units (4/4/2021 6:12:13 PM)

I'm watching Strategy Dojo videos and he mentions his method regarding support units whereby he reassigns support units to higher HQs and lets them dole out as needed-at least that my understanding of his method. Also if I'm not mistaken he has mentioned that may need to be changed or modified as he learns more about the War in the East 2 intricacies.

So far from what I'm hearing the Air warfare part has been tweaked and modified so you can just let the AI handle it and it would do a competent job.

What about the support units part? Is the method of reassigning all support units to higher HQ and let them pass down as needed still valid? Has that been tweaked in WitE2 where you can just let the AI handle or something you need to master for most efficiency?

I'll looking at the Operation Typhoon scenario and the support unit assignments and thinking of trying out the method, but it may not still be a valid strategy or something not valid for scenario play.

loki100 -> RE: Support Units (4/4/2021 9:03:56 PM)

its wrong. Combat related SUs only come from the immediate controlling HQ

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