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Nix77 -> Railyard size display (4/4/2021 5:09:14 PM)

Quote from the manual:

Railyards. These are a very important aspect to WiTE2.
As above, the size of the railyard in a hex will have a
direct impact on the size of the depot in that hex. They
also contribute to the overall rail stock that each side has.
Finally railyards make it easier to load or unload units onto
trains for strategic movement.

Since the railyards are so important, wouldn't it be essential to somehow easily find their size on map easily, in the factory map mode or strategic recon mode? Just a small number left of the rail would be nice. Size 2+ railyards are one of the main targets for the ground and air war, so they definitely should be highlighted somehow.

Currently you can find your own big railyards in the Rail Movement mode, but spotting those enemy railyards would be nice too.

Rexzapper -> RE: Railyard size display (4/8/2021 3:25:45 AM)

Well yes, I even tried to look for the values ​​of the Railyards in the CR looking for targets to bomb with the aviation to disrupt Soviet communications and hinder their movements ... but you can only see your own Railyards. Apparently you have to search for them by desperately clicking from one place to another on the map ... or wait for someone to bother to make a map of the Soviet railway communication system to print and consult. Wouldn't it be better to find that information in the game itself in a simpler way?

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