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Count Sessine -> Congratz on an excellent game (4/3/2021 11:05:27 PM)

hi Veitikki

I have followed your game for 10 years or more (I think, lost count :)), I even wrote a few articles about it on Eurogamer back in the day.

Just want to say what a fine job you have done. I haven't played it for a year or so and firing it up again this evening there were just so many little improvements. I also like the 'role-playing' campaigns you have introduced.

I'm also pleased to see the isomap being an active help now, with little houses on it and raltime artillery etc. Very helpful.

I'm buying the recent DLC's now :)

Veitikka -> RE: Congratz on an excellent game (4/7/2021 12:31:32 PM)

Great to have players from the old community still aboard! Currently we're working hard on the sequel that will take the system to the next level.

First_Contact_Gamer -> RE: Congratz on an excellent game (4/12/2021 10:50:02 PM)

Would like to echo this sentiment. I had a chance to participate in the beta and have loved it ever since. Havenít gotten my hands on the DLCís yet but hoping to in the near future!

This is certainly a game that leaves me sweating just a bit as I make decisions which is unique in modern strategy games I feel.

Count Sessine -> RE: Congratz on an excellent game (4/13/2021 3:58:17 PM)

Very interesting - what do 'we' know about the plans for version 2 ? :)

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